Tuesday, October 6, 2015

美味, Jurong East Tasty Mixed Rice & Porridge

Teochew Fish Cake, Braised Pig's Skin & Braised Tau Pok, Bitter Gourd, Omelette. 3 Porridge ($9.50)

Man can be simple creature. Often too simple we refuse otherwise, and seek to complicate lives with abundant choices. After a busy morning, all we really crave for are plain warm porridge with folksy fare. Maybe this explains the popularity of such meal in Singapore, as with many Chinese society.

This stall in Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre offers a mundane fair that is reasonably priced. We do find their handmade Teochew fish cake most exquisite, an eye-catcher among the many stalls we patronized. Remember to pick it up with your dishes selection when ordering.

Round up your lunch with a cup of thick Nanyang Kopi from the tea stall next door. You are now ready to kick start another busy afternoon.

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