Friday, October 9, 2015

Kim Lotus Dessert!

Bor Bor Cha Cha ($2), Lotus Seed Soup ($2.50), Bubur Hitam ($1.40)

Like good coffee after a meal, sweet desserts are just as soothing. As age catches up, however, the body appreciates warm desserts more than beautifully dressed ice desserts.

There is a nice balmy place for such at Kim Lotus Dessert, overlooking the lazy traffic along Jurong West Ave 1. Watching the world go by, we sip in the elixir juices that sweeten the mood. Nice.

Business here started off from a little shared market stall, then this shophouse space in 2010. Today, it continues to enjoy good sales from the neighborhood. It was delightful receiving our desserts, load with generous ingredients.

Do drop in for a chill.

Ginko Nut Barley ($1.70), Tau Suan ($1.40), Soursop Jelly ($2.20), Aloe Vera Sea Coconut ($2.20)

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