Wednesday, October 14, 2015

合顺, Hup Soon Rice & Porridge - since 1972

This is the other popular porridge stall at level 3 of the Taman Jurong Market Food Centre. Its charges are more economical than Sweet Potato Porridge at level 2. But i do prefer SPP for its overall sophistication - in terms of complexity of recipes.

Hup Soon doesn't do badly, of course. They have several delectable home-styled dishes, specializing in the unique dry steamed fish.

One thing's for sure, Hup Soon might be the last porridge stall in this entire island, who still prices their sweet potato porridge at 30 cents per bowl.

Braised Bean Curd with Pig's Skin, Bitter Gourd, Steamed Fish, Meatball. 3 Porridge ($11.90) 

Dry Steamed Fish

Steamed Meatball

Sweet Potato Porridge ($0.30). Option of steamed Rice at 40 cents. 

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