Saturday, August 31, 2013

京华小吃, formerly named Qun Zhong Eating House

Juicy Steamed Meat Dumplings 'Xiao Long Bao' ($7++ for 7 pcs)

Ric had wanted to get us to the Jin Hua Xiao Chi at Neil road for the longest time. Withstanding the weekend's car parking woes and possible long wait at the restaurant, we were here for the night. Was his effort worth it? Yes.

For our love of China food, we had the thinnest skinned Xiao long bao of our life; most satisfactory bean paste sauce for the handmade noodles; thickly floured but enjoyable pan-fried dumplings and finest hand-kneaded glutinous rice balls for dessert.

It was all pleasurable. Would love to return with Ric again.   

Noodle with Minced Pork and Soy Bean Sauce 'Zhajiangmian' ($5++)

To be fastidious, it would be the 'all meat' recipe of the meat dumplings which we didn't quite appreciate; small serving of the handmade noodles and a Guotie that's very different from the traditional China styled i missed much.

The rice ball dessert is near flawless. Comes with mildly sweet filling of finely grinded peanuts, red beans and black sesame - wonder if we could dictate our preferences? Why was there only 1 ball of sesame?

Mixed Seafood, Pork Dumplings 'Guotie' ($8++ for 10 pcs)

 Sweet Osmanthus Flower Rice Ball Soup 'Tang yuan' ($3++)

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