Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Love Patisserie - Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake

Belgian Chocolate Mille Crepe ($6.50)

Mille Crepes Cake? Is a classic French cake consisting of 20 layers of paper thin crepes, each separated by a brush of French pastry cream. "Mille" means "a thousand".

First Love Patisserie which we are having is actually a Jakarta label, hand-making this cake with Japanese recipe, but only with 15 layers of crepes (their webpage photos show at least 20 layers). Still, it isn't too bad. The light tasting dessert came across as rather plain, then it slowly grows on you and became quite unforgettable. We vote for the original mille crepe flavor.

Signature Original Flavour (imported French Vanilla); Belgian Chocolate; Matcha Green Tea ($6.50 each)

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