Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake

Chocolate Chips Blizzard Ice-Cream Cake, 6" (Groupon Promo: $23.90, usual: $39.90)

This is our Frozen; not that animation Frozen, but kids should love this as much. It is sweet, very sweet, cloying sweet, especially its Chocolate fudge center and the Chocolate ice-cream. But without a doubt, the white Vanilla Soft Serve is yummy.

If you are still thinking of packing it home, make sure the Dairy Queen has an outlet within 15mins from your destination, because of their lack of proper packaging - just few dry ice packs in a common paper cake box, scotch-taped up. It wouldn't do.

Surely, we prefer any good ice-cream pints to this.

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