Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tonkichi (とん吉) Tonkatsu - Our best.

Hire & Rosu Katsu Set, deep fried Pork fillet and loin ($27.90++)

Chawanmushi ($6.90++, Add to set meal $4.50++)

Our best experience of Tonkatsu was at Tampopo where they serve juicy and flavorsome Black Pig, regrettably without freshly crushed sesame seeds.

Saboten and Tonkichi were the two others we tried - no black pig option, just your normal pork serving dipped into their traditional tonkatsu sauce with crushed sesame. We had thought Saboten was good enough, but until we do Tonkichi today.

The meat is simply juicier, than all our visits to Saboten. Even the lion portion which was deemed to be always drying, was wonderfully flavorsome. It even comes with a thin strip of fat that tastes oishii! We were pleasantly surprised to have found an alternative.

And we had the Deals promotion to thank for today - $15 for 1 set. It's a steal!

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