Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yan Chuan Roaster, 炎全烧腊 - Takeaway Retail Outlet

This isn't a pretty sight. I am actually squeamish about cooked animals in their entire form, with the heads. We are so used to seeing them in neatly sliced portion; hoodwinking our consciences over animal slaughter.

For religious animal sacrifices in the Hungry Ghost Festival, there's no running away. Animal sacrifices have to be presented without cut, as a whole. The office sought out today's supply from Yan Chuan Roaster in Jurong West who is popular for its reasonable pricing and taste.

The best eat from the table today? I heard was the crackling roasted pork.

Roasted Chicken ($12), Roasted Duck ($16)

Roasted Pork ($20 per Kg)

Golden Piglet ($108)

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