Friday, February 21, 2014

Saboten, 勝博殿

Tenderloin Katsu ($24++)

Salmon Katsu Set ($22++)

Saboten pride itself of being the "Best Tonkatsu Restaurant in Singapore". Well, maybe yes, maybe not. We can't help comparing the meal with Tampopo's Black Pig Loin Tokusen which we missed - and we were adamant that no pork beats that of a Kurobuta.

That aside, Saboten is a winner with their Tonkatsu sesame sauce that compliments the breaded pork cutlet remarkably! Top-grade sesame seeds are served, surely. Quality miso soup for free refill too.

The partially cooked salmon drew me with its pinkish hue, but it only goes with their chunky Tatar sauce, not with their Tonkatsu sauce. So for the benefit of having the Tonkatsu sauce, my next order here will be a pork cutlet. Am adamant about this too.

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