Friday, August 28, 2015

Stamford Catering with Live BBQ Station

Stamford Catering does surprise me tonight. I was pleased to see our local caterers evolved, to include more devised choice of food and presentations. Having live cooking stations certainly add vibes to any events.

And it was affordable. The Ala Carte barbeque buffet: 11+1 courses was at $13.91 per pax (include GST). The chef cooked raw for us some seasoned chicken chop, devilled squid kebab, belacan sting ray, sambal prawn and sweet potatoes! Nevertheless, nothing beats getting fresh seafood from the market, and doing the BBQ ourselves.

Some guests were early, and there were cooked food of curry chicken with French loaf, Nonya mee siam goreng and garlic butter rice with seafood stick & chopped parsley. It was helpful too, that there was some finger food of Vietnamese spring roll complete with spicy peanut dip.

We chilled off with some nice honeydew sago dessert and Chrysanthemum tea. Then somebody brought on the booze! Cheers, to a good night sleep.

Squid Kebab

Seasoned Chicken Chop

Sambal Prawn in silver foil

Belacan Sting Ray in silver foil

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