Thursday, August 27, 2015

Glory Catering - Get the Curries!

Glory Catering has just become my most recommended caterer!

At $13 per pax (inclusive of GST), i thought the spread of 8 courses were value for the money - food preparation was clean and fresh tasting. This is certainly one of my best curry chickens for the longest time! Were fresh chickens even used? Cos it tastes so good! And please order their Rendang too. We were getting all excited over Glory - for being a Chinese caterer who champion curries!

A separate order for their specialty dish - the Nonya Laksa is available at $4 per pax (min. order of 20 pax). Don't miss it!

Fish Otah, Beancurd Seafood Ball, Rendang Mutton, Sweet & Sour Fish

Curry Chicken, Tofu Mushroom

Fried Egg Noodle. DIY - Nonya Laksa Curry, with Bee Hoon and Bean sprouts.

Condiments for Nonya Laksa

The Nonya Laksa!

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