Saturday, August 29, 2015

Golden Pillow 933 - Luscious Curry in a Fluffy Loaf!

Scallops & Vermicelli with Special Sauce ($20+), Vegetarian Spring roll ($8+) x2, Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk ($12+) 

For three consecutive days, i'm having curry. So if i still say the curry today from Golden Pillow 933 is nice, they should be quite good right? They are.

In fact, 933 is a well-known Singapore brand since the 1990s when Mr Tong started out with his 933 chain, made famous by its roast duck and herbal salted chicken. Then in 1997, he conceptualized the serving of curries baked completely inside a fluffy loaf which again, become a hit with diners. Take heart, we are enjoying an 18 years successful food idea today.

For the start, everybody opened the box and didn't know what to do with a beautifully baked bun. It's funny how we were so accustomed to neat dining. Then someone say, "Cut open the bread lah!"

This we did, and we had much fun and laughter, struggling with 8 deliciously whiffing boxes.

Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun ($14.80+) 

The Golden Pillows - Buns made from some finest pastry-quality wheat and butter is good enough to be eaten on its own!

The chicken curry pales in comparison to the recent one we had from Glory Catering. But the mutton curry is a must have where every drop was wiped clean! And fresh, meaty Batang fishes were used for their fish curry.

And yes, we heard right. Golden Pillow 933 is looking for a buyer to take over their recipe and business as the owner is getting on age. So you had better hurry down for a taste of this golden pillow before it's too late.

Golden Pillow Curry Mutton Bun ($17.80+)

Golden Pillow Curry Fish Bun ($14.80+)

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