Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Resto Surabaya at Lucky Plaza

Tahu Telor, Deep Fried Egg and Tofu with Shrimp Paste ($6.50+)

Somebody told us the Ayam Penyet at Resto Surabaya is mediocre, and recommend their Ayam Bakar instead, so we followed suit. Somebody told us their grilled Tempeh is fantastic, but we didn't buy it, and ended up begging for more as we shared our only 2 pieces that comes with the grilled squids and chicken, sparingly.

Somebody say just order anything with sweet black sauce and you wouldn't go wrong. He is quite right. I say, you order their grilled chicken and grilled fish, perhaps not the squids. Fish dishes are very popular here, and you definitely wouldn't go wrong.

For once, i find my beloved rice redundant. We were comfortable to indulge in the full flavors of the dishes here, they were simply flavorsome and not overpowering. Delicious.

Sotong Bakar, Grilled Squid ($8.90+), Ayam Bakar ($6.90), Tahu Telor ($6.50+), Plain Rice ($1+)

Ayam Bakar Surabaya, Grilled Chicken Surabaya Style ($6.90+)

Ikan Bakar Resto , Grilled Fish with Sweet Soy Sauce ($13+)

Iced Chendol ($3.50+)

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