Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiong Bahru Lien Fa Shui Jing Pau, 水晶包

Chinese Turnip (Bangkuang) Dumpling ($0.70 each)

You know what is this? If you are even too young to visit the old Tiong Bahru Market, i bet you don't know about this very popular finger food we called 'Tiong Bahru Crystal Dumplings'. The taste is uniquely Lien Fa's only.

Lien Fa had since moved to the Alexandra Village Food Centre, situated next to the Dover Road Wanton Mee which i blogged. Their briny dumplings still come in thin chewy skin, tasting sweet and crunchy with turnip, black fungus and water chestnut. A distinct taste of dried sole fillet (flat dried fish, 扁鱼干) and many dried shrimps! Then dribble a little of their special recipe chili, and it is as good as it gets! Nothing has changed.

When we were there this morning, the stall owners were busy with boxes of pre-order! Call them at 6274-5561, if you don't want to risk waiting or running a wasted trip for their yam or sweet beans crystal dumplings, which are not always available.

Sweet Beans, Yam Crystal Dumplings ($0.80 each)

Chinese Turnip (Bangkuang) Dumpling ($0.70 each)

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