Thursday, September 18, 2014

1 Dish Meal: Yong Tau Foo Rice!

When the family was quite poor, this type of 1-dish meal completes our day.

This is one of our so-called "Kiam Peng" in Hokkien, meaning Salt Rice, and it is very tasty. It remains our favorite meal till today. And i need to note down the recipe for my future craving.

Rice, 2 cups
Water, 2 cups (Our rice cooker requires 1:1 water/ rice ratio for normal cooking)
Yong Tau Foo, any pieces you like from the market

Cooking Oil, 3 Tbs
Garlic, 2 cloves
Dried Shrimps, 1 Tbs

Oyster Sauce, 1 Tbs
Sesame Oil, 1 Tbs
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Soak dried shrimps in water to soften it. Remove from water. Finely mince garlic and dried shrimps with chopper/ knife.

2. Heat up cooking oil in a wok. Low fire, fry minced garlic briefly before adding in dried shrimps. Now fry both ingredients till it browned with nice fragrant.

3. Add washed rice into the fried mixture. Top up with oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper to taste. Lastly add in the Yong Tau Foo pieces, frying briefly.

4. Remove everything from wok, transfer to rice cooker. Add in water for rice cooking. When rice is cooked, use a long spatula to give the rice a good stir. Keep warm. Serve!

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