Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hill View Steam Food

It baffles our friends abroad, how Singaporean loves their fried bee hoon and noodles. Well, we too loves this sinful fried carbo! And this is one stall you gotta have - at Blk 91, Whampoa Food Centre.

Because of the extra steps taken to steam their fried vermicelli, it churns out a lovely texture that's soft, springy and non-oily! And when you compare their serving size to another characteristic fried bee hoon at Fatt Kee, Queen Street Market, Fatt Kee's seems ridiculously scanty.

Warmly steamed rice roll and savory rice porridge, this one stall appeased our morning hunger. But i can't get enough of their steam vermicelli and takeaway 2 more bags for tea break :P

Chee Cheong Fun ($1.40), Peanut Porridge ($1.20)

Steam Vermicelli ($1), with Fried Fish Cake ($0.80)

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