Monday, September 8, 2014

Esplanade Moonfest - Chinese Dance Jubilee!

China Mongolians - Mongolian Dance

China Mongolians - Mongolian communal dance with the audience members

It was a wonderful evening at the Outdoor Theatre of the Esplanade park where Moonfest - a Esplanade Mid-Autumn Celebration was held. While waiting for our dance program, roving stilt walkers from Choy’s Brothers Opera Troupe surprises us on the windy seafront, posing for photographs.

Our much anticipated performance start with students from 华侨中学 (高中部) - Hwa Chong Institution, 光华小学 - Kong Hwa Primary School and 妍錂舞苑 - Yan Ling Dance Academy. With their agile and elegant movements, the dancers surely mesmerize me as they perform traditional Chinese dances from minority tribes in China!

Tonight, i fell in love with dances all over again! It is no wonder that ancient Emperors and their officials love watching them - i tell you, even in our Information Age, these Chinese dances can never be obsolete. They are beautiful art!

China Sichuan - Oh Attractive Hua Dan! "Qiao Hua Dan", the "Florist Role"

 华侨中学 (高中部), Hwa Chong Institution on Dai Bamboo Forest - China, Dai People

 光华小学, Kong Hwa Primary School on Dunhuang Dance - West China, Gansu

华侨中学 (高中部), Hwa Chong Institution on Tibet Dance - China, Tibetan People

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