Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Royce Chocolate

Petite Truffle "Praline - liquor free" ($12.50, 120g), Marshmallow Chocolate "Milk Coffee" ($12.50, 85g), 
Chocolate Wafers "Tiramisu Cream" ($15, 12pcs)

Royce chocolate makes impressive gift because of their high price tags and recognized quality. These were gifts from my bosses and it certainly made a statement. But it was the hand-made card from them that is touching.

The Tiramisu cream wafers is most delightful with taste of mascarpone cheese and white chocolate, then comes the soft marshmallow coated with rich bitter cocoa.

The truffles fared lowest as i've high expectations for them - Truffettes de France from France is my most gratifying truffles so far. The Japanese can't ever beat.

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