Monday, June 20, 2011

山頭火, Ramen Santouka since 1988

Awase-Aji, Mixed Soup Ramen ($14++)

Ric wanted to show me the magic of Santouka Ramen, or should i say the magic of their Tonkotsu Soup ;) While i had their purest form of Tonkotsu soup in Shio Ramen, Ric had the Awase-Aji Ramen flavored with a combination of salt, soy sauce and soybean, offering a richer savoriness.

We find this set meal to be most valued for money. Ramen itself comes with all ingredients of tamago koji, bamboo shoots, chives and Cha-shu. A bowl of rice topped with fragrant Garlic grains for your savouring the Japanese Ochazuke style of dining at the end of the meal where ramen broth is used instead of green tea. Special Japanese pickles and Tea were also included!

Tamago Koji ($1.50++)

Shio Ramen ($13.50++)

This is their signature Shio Ramen which is mild and creamy soup seasoned with salt, the only ramen that is topped off with a Japanese pickled plum. It was this same Ramen that got Santouka started in 1988, Hokkaido, being the only item on their menu then. So do try it for nostalgic sake, yeah!

Santouka at Central

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