Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tom Yum Kungfu @ Serangoon Gardens

Lemongass drink, Thai Tea, Thai Milk Tea

Famous for operating Thai Mookata steamboat in the evening, Tom Yum Kungfu kickoff with economical set lunches which come with a choice of Thai signature drinks and one side of either the Tom Yum soup or Popiah. We suggest you get the Popiah.

Tom Yum Soup

Thai Fried Chicken with Pineapple Rice (Set Lunch C: $9.90)

For a Mookata restaurant, it was great that fresh seafood remains their main ingredients in their day cooking and food wasn't overly salted. But we suspect that food has been pre-cooked as most were serve cooled. The Thai-Chinese noodle, Rad Na is something special and enjoyable while we wolfed down the Pineapple Rice.

It was great comfort in this quiet afternoon (something very different from their night buzzing) as we relax in the playing of Thai songs. Working to finish the Basil Chicken which tastes like stir-fried minced chicken, without the basil, is another thing. 

Basil Chicken (Set Lunch A: $7.90)

Kungfu Seafood Rad Na, Thai-Chinese Noodle with Popiah (Set Lunch B: $8.90)

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