Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dim Sum at Canton Paradise, and Peking Duck Promotion

Roasted Peking Duck, whole ($58++)

Canton Paradise is where the office loves to entertain - welcome, farewell and birthday lunches.

Everyone, particularly loves their roasted Peking duck which i too agrees. And was always secretly praying for a larger serving of their springy Yee Fu noodle with the duck meat, it was addictive.

Braised Yee Fu Noodle with Shredded Duck Meat ($10++, with order of Peking Duck)

While the office (made up of mostly guys) preferred fried dim sum, i thought their steamed entrees were much excellent. Maybe it's the oil used, i quickly develops a bitter aftertaste when we returns to the office. Sipping my favorite warm honey lemon drink from the restaurant didn't help.

Even the supposedly fragrant Osmanthus cake with water chestnuts were greasily pan-fried ($4.20++). Their crispy BBQ honey pork bun ($4.80++) does it so much better.

Nevertheless, Canton Paradise does offer some fine Cantonese fare with their best from Hong Kong - very much a roast specialist, but aren't a Dim Sum guru with their lardy pastries and fried.

Pan-fried Radish Cake ($4.20++)

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry ($4.80++)

Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Buns ($4.20++)

Custard Salted Egg Buns ($5.20++)

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