Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Delifrance Sandwiches - Oh! It's been too long...

Baguette Sandwiches with Seafood D'sire and Tuna D'licious (background), with thick Coffee Black

Why has we took this long time to revisit the simple Delifrance sandwich?

Price factor. With Subway coming in, offering much affordable and healthy sandwich choices; we simply jumped on the bandwagon. Even my neighborhood Delifrance closes down for a new Subway outlet!

But you can see how popular Delifrance still is, when they ran a $5.50 meal promotion with Groupon. It was sold out within days. Between us, we bought 4 vouchers, or possibly more.

It is a nostalgia for my first Delifrance sandwich in 1997. Often working late nights, my senior would suggest a Delifrance meal when we got bored with hawker takeaways. Fresh graduate like myself, certainly felt grown-up and fab to munch on sandwiches dinner. Today's proper sit-down lunch with mom tastes just as very good!

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