Wednesday, May 28, 2014

福星菜馆, Hok Sing Eating House

Prawn Paste Chicken ($20), Fragrant Vegetable Bean Curd ($20)

Hok Sing at Commonwealth Crescent is our Plan B; Plan A, the Two Chefs Eating House is closed for renovation. Hok Sing is regrettably second-rated.

Your best bet would probably be their fried chicken and bean curd which were the favorites today. The coffee pork ribs ($18) were rather sweeten; and we have oil-soaked claypot brinjals ($12) and Malay kangkong ($12) vegetables. If you can help it, don't order the toughly fried salted egg sliced fish ($18).

It's business today. A humdrum hour of talking shop over unappetizing lunch... 

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