Friday, May 30, 2014

Curry Times, 咖喱时光

Sambal Prawn ($15.90++)

The waitress was beckoning us into the restaurant while i was still perplexing over their large signboard that market the Curry Times as the "Best Curry Restaurant"; for it was difficult to imagine having some best curry experience in an air-conditioned modern mall.

Our good curry trips were usually transpired in humid eatery with sweat trickling down our brows.

Curry Fish Head, half ($28.90++)

As luck would have it, the curry was indeed forgettable albeit the fresh Angoli fish head. Otherwise, it was a satisfying lunch out with delish sambal prawns and greens.

Making it better, the restaurant is superb accommodating to our cheery bunch with sound of boisterous laughter! Good times at Curry times...

Oyster Sauce Kailan ($5.90++)

Sambal Petai ($6.90++)

Bandung with Basil Seed, Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera

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