Friday, October 11, 2013

Henna Tattooing

There was an event last night, one which i had absented from for many years. No regret in going, for i did have a happy time - good food, good company, full entertainment, two teasing minutes with the Dondurma's vendor (Turkey Ice-cream) and having my first Henna tattooing done!

Some say this will stay on the hand for 2 weeks! But no, just 6 days when it starts fading and i decide to rub and wash it off.

This was the patient Indian lady who does my hand after i chose a pattern from the templates she displayed. I mused with the thought of having my entire hand covered with the dye paintings! What would Ric say?


Dry and cracking up...

The Henna dried, cracked up and fell. Immediately, i have this orange stain. By the next morning, it darkens to a beautiful reddish brown (the first picture)!

Like the young ladies since the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean, i meant for the Henna to bring joy and good luck. Seeking beauty too, in this temporary body decoration. The fire symbol was selected to add energy, i hoped. 

Will definitely do this again.

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