Saturday, October 12, 2013

Office's Instant Beverages!

My trove box is fast piling up! Filled with convenient pack of 3-in-1 Coffee, Tea and Cereals. Colleagues love to share and tell, as if trying to win one another over with our preferences or to warn of 'don buys'; each playing the role of a beverage gastronomer. One thing for sure: Everyone likes their beverages less sweet, yet robust.

And what an eye-opener to our large instant beverage market! The selection is huge! I thus thought it would be interesting to compile a list of our drinks here; updating this post regularly as we extend our sampling!

This post was last updated on 14 Apr 2018 with SUPER Teh Halia and STARBUCKS Pipe Place Roast Drip Coffee.

MAX Tea Tarikk, BOH 3-in-1, Boh Teh Terik Original, GOLD KILI, OWL Teh Tarik, Owl Thai Iced Tea, LIPTON Milk Tea Gold, Lipton Black Kiss, Lipton HK Style, Lipton Teh Tarik, SUPER Tea Su Su, AIK CHEONG Teh Tarik Halia, OLD TOWN White Milk Tea.

To Splurge On: San Shu Gong Lao Qian - Teh Tarik Segera (12s, $6), Aik Cheong Teh Tarik (15s, $6.30)
Avoid: Sun Soya Milk Tea (15s, $3.20)

GOLD KILI Instant Ginger Tea, DILMAH Green Tea with Ginger, HOTTA Instant Ginger.

To Splurge On: Gold Kili Ginger Lemon (filter bag) (20s, $4.90), Gold Kili Natural Ginger Bag (20s, $4.90), Lipton Pyramid Lemon Ginger (20s, $5.45)
Value for $$Owl Ginger with Honey (20s, $4.50), Super Teh Halia (25s, $4.20)

OWL Kopi-O-Gao, Owl Kopi-O, Owl traditional blend, AIK CHEONG Kopi O, MISTER Coffee, CAP TELEVISYEN Kluang Coffee.

To Splurge On: Gold Roast Kopi-O, reduced sugar (20s, $4.35), Starbucks Pike Place Roast, Drip Coffee
Value for $$: Gold Kili Traditional Kopi O (20s, $2.70)
Avoid: Mr Cafe Kopi O (20s, $3.50)

 COFFEE 3-in-1 
OWL Regular low fat, Owl Strong, SUPER low fat, CAPPAROMA less 50%, Capparoma less 25%, CAFE NOVA Latte, NESCAFE Original, KOPIKO Brown Coffee, GOLD ROAST Improved Blend, GOLD KILI Coffee Mix.

To Splurge On: Super Essenso (25s, $7.20), Starbucks VIA Caffe Mocha (12s, $16.90)
Value for $$: Cafe 21 low fat  (25s, $4.30), G7 Instant (40s, $6.60)
Avoid: Ye Ye Instant Coffee (45s, $4.95)

GOLD KILI Double Shot, OLD TOWN Ice Cold, Old town Classic, Old Town Mocha, Old Town Cane Sugar, NESCAFE Ipoh, Nescafe Oh So-Creamy, POWER ROOT Alicafe, SUPER White Coffee, 福伯 HOC PEH, CHEK HUP Ipoh.

To Splurge On: San Shu Gong Lao Qian - Kopi Putih Segera (12s, $6), Aik Cheong Tarik Original (15s, $6.05), Old Town White Coffee Less Sugar (15s, $6.80), Old Town White Coffee Hazelnut (15s, $6.80), Nescafe Ipoh Gao Siew Dai (15s, $6.45)
Value for $$: NTUC Cafe White (30s, $3.65), Indocafe Instant White Coffee (30s, $3.75)
Avoid: Ah Huat White Coffee (15s, $6.30), Kopiko White Mocha  (20s, $4.95)

 CEREAL 3-in-1 
NTUC Cereal Vanilla, QUAKER Vita Original, NESTLE Nestum Milk Drink Original, SUPER Nutremill Original/ Brownrice.

To Splurge On: Quaker Vita 3-in-1 Original (20s, $6.40)
Avoid: NTUC Cereal (20s, $3.15)


To Splurge OnGold Kili Instant Matcha Latte (15s, $6.50)
Avoid: MAX Tea Matcha Latte (15s, $4.60), Osulloc Green Tea Latte (10s, $12)

CHOCOCINO Chocolate drink.

To Splurge OnMilo Gao Siew Dai (15s, $6.50)
Value for $$Gold Kili Instant Chocolate Drink (15s, $4.90)


ray said...

hi. where did u get the san su gong lao qian coffee from? able to get it in singapore?

Beary said...

Colleagues brought from Johor Bahru. Local retailers, i've no idea too. Good choice, Ray!

Chrissy said...

hihi. can ask ur colleagues which part of JB they got their Lao Qian coffee from? :)

Beary said...

I remember we could purchase the 老钱, Lao Qian coffee pack from shops selling local products in most JB shopping mall - the City Square Mall, being the nearest.

The coffee is branded under the San Shu Gong branding. So when you spotted San Shu Gong products, you should find Lao Qian nearby too.

Beary said...

Ray. San Shu Gong Lao Qian coffee is finally in Singapore. From the NTUC super mart. See here ->