Saturday, October 5, 2013

Abalone in Wanton Noodle

Abalone slices, Meat Wanton and fresh Prawns

Pork Lard Minced Meat, Red Char Siew

It is basically Kolo Mee with 3 additional slices of abalone. But that was not about all, for we appreciate choice use of freshly prepared ingredients at Jia Xiang Kolo Mee. The abalone is a nice treat but is just playing second fiddle to the Sarawak noodle in pork lard.

As i had mentioned previously - i'll never again reject a visit to Jia Xiang. This is a quiet Saturday night with Ric at 12 Gopeng Street, the Icon Village. 

Gold Jia Xiang Kolo Mee ($9.50 x2)

Water Chestnut, Lime Juice ($2.40 x2)

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