Monday, October 21, 2013

恆香, Hang Heung Wife Cake

Lotus Paste Wife Cake (HK$6 per pc)

"When you go to the shop, everything is nice!" The shop here refers to Hang Heung Cake Shop.

Forget Wing Wah, and forget Kee Wah; the 2 other traditional bakeries in Hong Kong who have their Wife Cake neatly vacuum-packed and deliver conveniently to the doorsteps of the Hong Kong Airport. You don't find Hang Heung in the airport.

The box of famous Wife Cake, un-vacuum, endured a night in the HK hotel, few hours of ice-box flight and another night in the HDB flat before reaching my house this morning. But i tell you, this is my BEST Wife Cake! I have never actually fall for this pastry, until now.

Fragrant Chicken Short Cake (HK$38 per box, of 4 individually pack)

I treasured too, their fragrant and lard-filled Chicken Cookies! Each bite is deadly sinful yet so irresistible. It is something really old-school which Grandma and Dad would surely enjoy.

Will you at least, get me a box of Hang Heung Wife Cake on your next HK trip...?

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