Monday, June 6, 2011

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

The Furama RiverFront Hotel offers buffet styled dinning in 2 of their restaurants, namely "The Square - International Fare" and "Kintamani Indonesian". Having much fond memories at "The Square" a few years back, we were at the Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant (Halal) for the first time today.

Priced at $38++ for the lunch buffet, we were further treated with a 1-for-1 credit cards promotion.

Gado Gado Jakarta

A luxurious vegetarian dish of peanut sauce on bed of tempeh, boiled potatos, eggs, tofu, cabbage, string bean, raw onions, cucumbers and lontong rice with crunchy fish crackers! This is just yummy to begin with.

Mussels with traditional Chili

Deep-fried Squids

Sop Asam Pedas (Nusantara Sweet and Sour Seafood Soup)

Chicken, Mutton Satay

This was Ric's plate of the meal. Apart from the individually photographed dishes, you could see here also Ayam Rica Rica (deep-fried Chicken with chili Manado style), Rendang Mutton and Beef Rendang.

Though the varieties of the buffet spread weren't extensive, their many dishes were well executed and compliment one another, balancing out the heaviness of Indonesian cuisine. This is one of the rare buffets i wouldn't irk coming back within the same week. Really.

Udang Goreng Mentega (Deep-Fried Buttered Prawn)

Sotong Sambel Terasi (Squid cooked with traditional chili)

Mie Bakso (Beef Meat Ball Noodle Soup)

The dessert section doesn't disappoint with a good array of Kueh Indonesian and Nonya desserts - Kueh Koswee, Kuih Lapis, Ubi Kayu, Goreng Pisang, Ang Ku Kueh, Onde-Onde, Durian Pengat, Chendol...

4 flavors of ice-cream and exotic fruits of Water-melons, Honey dews, Jack fruits, Guava, Rambutans and Pears to choose from. Then help yourself at the coffee & tea counters.

This buffet is satisfying.

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