Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Cactus Pot

Cactus, IKEA ($2.90)

Ric just bought this "cute mouse" from IKEA. Do you have trouble caring for these little cactus sold in narrow pots? i used to kill them with over-watering that rot the roots.

Over the years i learned that Cactus behaved like eccentric people who preferred to be left alone most of the time, or are really independent plants :) Don't be overly attentive, water them only when they are feeling light of weight; leave them to dry out (they enjoy it). Bearing in mind: Soil NEEDS drying out between watering.

Under-watering never kills them; they may just wrinkle a little but plumps up beautifully once you water. You may notice that the moisture after drought actually stimulates cactus growth.

I drenched my cactus thoroughly once every week for these little pots that sits in my sunny yet full blast air-conditioned office; and once every 3-4 weeks for the larger pots in the sunny garden. Hope you enjoy these little cacti as much as i do.

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