Sunday, June 19, 2011

El-Sheikh Lebanese Restaurant

Penne & Shawarma ($11.90+)

Looking back at our dinner in El-Sheikh tonight, it was a pretty unique experience at low cost. We skipped the many fanciful but authentic Lebanese cold and hot appetisers, going straight for the Mains. Glad that we did, for the Mains alone satiate our tiny stomach.

My selection was a combination of Penne in Arabiatta sauce with Lamb shawarma. An appetite whetting dish of vinegary tomato sauce and lusciously roasted mutton.

Riyash Ghanam ($14.95+)

This was Ric's marinated lamb chops, with a choice of either fries or their long grain rice. Which would you have? We have the latter. Disappointingly, the lamb chop could have been better grilled.

Lebanese Coffee ($3.50+)

For a truly memorable meal, you must have the Lebanese coffee! It completes the Lebanese treat.

Lebanese coffee is as strong and thick as an espresso, often flavored with cardamom. We added half a sachet sugar to the unsweetened and bitter coffee served in a small demitesse cup.

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