Saturday, June 25, 2011

培记,Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo

We spotted this another queue for Yong Tau Foo (there are several stalls of popular Yong Tau Foo here) in People's Park Cooked Food Centre, so let's try them. It was late lunch for us.

Yong Tau Foo, soup ($3)

Ric was having dry throat discomfort and opted for the soupy noodles while i had the dried ones. Standard ingredients from these traditional Yong Tau Foo stalls were served to you without the need for your selection, but they were all good and consist mostly Fish paste with bean curd or Tofu skin.

Although there was lots of Soy beans used in the Yong Tau Foo soup, we guess lots of MSG was in this delicious tasting bowl too? Were really thirsty after the meal. The anchovies (ikan bilis) throw in, however does sweeten the deal.

Yong Tau Foo, dry with Chili ($3)

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