Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Justice to RamenPlay ;)

Shoyu Ramen ($9.80++)

This post served as a postscript to my negative comments about Ramenplay's ramen just a month ago at their Bishan branch. Read here. But things were quite different in NEX today; different in a good way.

Why the repeats after the previous bad experience? Well, we were given two $5 Groupon voucher for the Ramen and tasked to utilise them before the expiry date of this month.

Gleefully, everything works impeccably - the tamago was runny soft, the broth was suitably seasoned and the texture of the noodles was so....so right!

It was not a wasted trip and Ramenplay does have a place in the regional market. Keep it up! We certainly support our local entrepreneurs!

Complimentary: Stir-fried Chilli Chives

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