Monday, June 13, 2011

Fastum Gel, Ketoprofen

Fastum Gel, 30g ($4.45)

This will not be an article of medical terminology; just my personal experience with the Menarini International Fastum Gel, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and hope it will be helpful to any injured individuals like myself.

Late 2007, I sprained my right hand ring finger that aches for a period of more than a year, during which i tried several application from Western pharmacies and Chinese Sinseh (跌打医师), faithfully applying the medicated ointment daily but to no avail. I was saddened as i resigned to live with this handicap.

Application of this odorless gel came in 2009 - it dries up pretty fast after a few stroke of gentle massaging. Like a miracle, the soreness in my finger was all gone by the next day! And it never came back since. I had thought the Fastum gel was a common pain killer, but no, it HEALS the pain-inflammation!

Note that Fastum works on pain and inflammation associated with rheumatic and muscular disorders, soft tissue injuries such as acute strains and sprains, and not really on common muscle aching; check with your pharmacists before purchase.

Available from any good local pharmacies like the Guardian and Watsons; mine was a gift ;) You could view its composition here.

Wish your irritating aches goes away soon!


Zhenhong. said...


i am currently using this FASTUM gel too for my injuries. are you v sure this is available at Guardian outlets? i cant find it at the outlet near my hse. which outlet did you get from?

thanks alot! :)

Beary said...

Just 2 days ago, i got it from the Guardian Pharmacy Counter in NEX Shopping Mall. If that's too far for you, check their store listings online; call to ask first.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

eh.. how come 30g only. saw a blue packaging of 50g and 100g on the web. are they the same? or it's not for sale in sgp?

Beary said...

Yeah, saw only 30g tube here. But website indicates 50g available too. Buying off the web has its risk; many things could be faked, don risk with medication :)

Beary said...

Recent injury - hand became swollen after days of discomfort; painful even to hold a toothbrush. Apply the gel, swell eases fast.

A couple more applications, I'm on way to recovery :)

Anonymous said...

this is available from poly clinic and hospital.
Tube 30 g and plaster form.

prescription about 2.80 for 2 tube.
when u consult a GP or specialist.

Also Rumalaya Cream - 30 g and colorless. slight more burning sensation on the skin compared the Fastum.

Beary said...

1. The Polyclinic has stopped prescribing Fastum; replaced with Voren gel.

2. Recent arm injury of hard knocks against the floor; no 'blue black' but the entire arm remains sore for 3 days. Then i used Grandma's KETOTOP plaster by Pacific Pharmaceuticals, Seoul Korea (which has the same active ingredient as Fastum - the ketoprofen). Recovery came after 24hrs application; use of 1 plaster only :)

maggie pender said...

Hi can u use the gel on your jaw please ty x

Beary said...

Maggie Pender. Anywhere external, but not in your mouth should be ok.