Monday, June 20, 2016

Marsling Teochew Fish Soup

Twin Fish Soup, mix of fried and fresh fish ($4)

In every of my visit to the Marsiling Lane Market & Cooked Food Centre, there was always a long queue at this fish soup stall (#01-41). But we have been stubborn to resist the lure of the queue until today, and it was no regret. 

A good drink of milkiness, unless you opted for clear soup. Bitter gourd and few green vegetables satisfy the fiber needs. Fluffy deep fried omelette which we called the 'bomb' was included. The star of the dish was without a doubt - the fresh sliced Batang fish, which was way... better than their fried fish fitters.

And what do you like with your fish soup? They have options of bee hoon, ee mian, rice, kway, porridge, and even mee sua! It is no wonder, business is a constant bustle here.

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