Thursday, June 23, 2016

海棠, Hai Tang Lor Mee

Lor Mee ($3)

I was nursing a craving for Lor Mee at the Mei Ling Street Food Centre. It wasn't a craving for the traditional lor mee with fried fish flakes, else we would have gone to Xin Mei Xiang (新美香) at Old Airport, or the Yuan Chun Lor Mee (驰名源春卤面) at Amoy. It was a craving for hot, gooey, vinegary broth with slurpy noodles!

Hai Tang fits the bill. And it was a garlicky bowl, rich in a variety of ingredients - braised egg, braised meat, fried fish fritters, you tiao, ngor hiang and fish cake. So much, that my every mouthfuls never contain just noodles! Can i request for more noodles, please.

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