Thursday, June 30, 2016

Saigon Food Street @ Bukit Panjang

Classic Viet Noodle w/Pork ($5)
Viet Fresh Southern Rolls w/Prawn & Pork ($3)

If you are looking for something different and clearly appetizing for the weekend, do visit the new Bukit Panjang Ring Road Hawker Centre for this Vietnamese food stall. The petty Vietnamese lady chef, hails from the kitchen of Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Raffles City, does raise some eyebrows with her wide offerings. And i was trying to imagine the tiresome work behind all these!

The best part was the pricing here - the Wagyu Pho cost less than halved of that from restaurants. And i regretted not hoisting up the many succulent slices of Wagyu for some photo moments; it was simply too tempting to delay further. 

If Pho kway teow isn't for you, you may like to try their Vietnamese classic instant noodle which was flown in from Vietnam. It reminds me of the texture of Thai Mama instant noodles, but sturdier and more substantial. Can try. 

Pho w/Wagyu ($8.50)

Banh Xeo Viet Pancake ($5)

Our first try of Vietnamese pancake, and we like it! It wasn't just flour. It actually has the flavor of our local five-spice prawn crackers. The friendly hawker taught us to break and wrap up the crunchy pancakes with lettuce, cucumbers or the mint leaves. Then dip it all, into the spicy fish sauce provided.

This is definitely refreshing and yummy.

 Viet Banh Khot/ Viet Mini Pancake w/Prawns & Pork ($8)

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Beary said...

The good stall had moved to a foodcourt at 9 Jurong West Ave. 5.,103.7028989