Thursday, June 30, 2016

莱兴, Lai Heng Handmade Teochew Kueh

Pan-Fried Turnip/ Chive Dumpling ($0.70)

We ate and made takeaway; just like the many others who came to collect their large order of 20s or 30s from this stall in Yuhua Market & Food Centre. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Just traditional Teochew kueh in the making - no fancy ingredients, special recipe or exorbitant price tags. Just honest, good stuff in their plainest form.

Nothing too salted. It was plain, fresh ingredients within. A dip in their special chili sauce that wasn't overly spicy nor salted, makes it all the more better. And I'm starting to develop a craving for this kueh...

Guess which of these usually got sold out first? 

If you are reaching later than 1pm, call Mr Wu at 9455 6341/ 9818 2116 for reservations.

Turnip Dumpling, 笋粿 ($0.60)

Glutinous Rice Dumpling, 饭桃 ($0.80)

Chive Dumpling, 韭菜粿 ($0.60)

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