Thursday, June 2, 2016

老两, Lao Liang Pork Trotter Jelly

Some food just seems better with time.

Long time since our visit in 2012, we were finally back to our favorites (level 2, Stall 37) at the Jalan Berseh Food Centre - the Teochew Pork Trotter Jelly. The fare is a disappearing trade because of the laborious work involves; we foreseen only expensive restaurants might ultimately be the only one selling it. So get them at this cheaper hawker price while you can.

Our first with their braised items, and they are good. The braised sauce ladled over the fragrant white rice was especially appetizing.

And the hawker actually concocted 3 different chili dip for each of his signature dishes - vinegary blue ginger sambal chili for the trotter jelly; peanutty plum sauce for the shark meat; and a dollop of pure chili sambal on chili vinegar for the braised items. Each tastes unique, it is very enjoyable!

Zhu Jiao Dong ($5)

Shark Meat ($5)

Homemade Braised Delights ($5)

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