Saturday, June 25, 2016

BBQ Chicken Wing

BBQ Chicken Wings (1 for $1.20, 5 for $5.50)

Stall #01-02 at the Jalan Berseh Food Centre simply has its name "BBQ Chicken Wing" on bold golden font against a plain white signboard. So it tells you plainly, go for their chicken wings! The BBQ satay that they are also selling, plays second fiddle.

The barbecued chicken wings are finger-licking good - crisp tight skinned and juicy. The meat actually fell off from its bones, while dripping juices as we pulled it apart!

Chicken/ Mutton Satay ($0.50 per stick), Rice Ketupat ($0.60)

In their bid to give their best to customers, the hawker made their satay chunky and loaded their satay sauce with crushed peanuts and pineapple puree. You'll find your every cents worth. But we find the generous meat stick a tad tough, maybe some loosening up with fats will be good?

The pineapple peanut gravy was heavy and viscous, albeit being overly salted. Else, all is great.

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