Friday, November 6, 2015

吉发, Kiat Huat Wanton Noodle

First. We have to acknowledge the deliberate act of the hawker in keeping his customers waiting - his looking into the line constantly, taking a drink and checking into the fridge are obvious bid to building up the lunch hour queue... It is no surprise that the stall is the only queuing one at Haig Road Market & Food Centre.

But is the food good? Yes, it is. It is toothsome and does leave a lingering effect on me. I like the seasoning sauce, the al dente egg noodle, sweet roasted meat and the crunchy fresh fried dumpling. Many were having extra order of their deep fried prawn dumplings!

The long queue however, does turn away potential customers.

Wanton Noodle, dry ($2.50)

Fried Wanton Noodle, dry ($2.50)

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