Saturday, November 7, 2015

West Co'z Cafe - $10 Spicy Fish Head!

Curry Fish Head ($20+, SG50 Promotion at $10+)

Are Segar Restaurant, West Co'z cafe and A-Poh Kitchen familiar to you? They are 3 established dining names under the management of p2e (places to eat). And their outlets are growing. We were at their West Coz Cafe in Yew Tee Point today.

The half fish head turned out to be a rather big portion; fresh and really spicy! We thoroughly enjoy it. The prawn roll was prepared just how we like it, with crunchy chunk of sweet water-chestnuts. Overall, p2e do seems serious in making their eateries a success. Food is nothing mind blowing, but is good and decent.

We are making plans for a return visit within this week. For the fish head.

Oyster Omelette ($10+)

Sweet Potato Leaves, Sambal ($9+)

Prawn Roll ($10+)

Braised Beancurd ($10+)

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