Saturday, September 28, 2013

Burger King Breakfast Platters - My New Fab

BK French Toast Platter, with hot Coffee/ Tea ($7.25)

Ric must have thought the girlfriend silly, getting all smitten with the French toast platter from BK. So much that she wants it for her breakfast for two consecutive weekends.

Well, you can't doubt her. 

For, it's such temptation when thick fluffy French toast was dusted with icing sugar, and then dribbled with maple syrup - the sweet, mingled with savory bites of the Turkey sausage is irresistible! - she had reluctantly shared a few cuts with Ric.

BK Breakfast Platter, with Coffee/ Tea ($7.75)

On the other end, Ric preferred the macho breakfast platter of Cheese and Turkey Ham in egg omelette and a nicely smoked chicken frankfurter to start his weekend. The girlfriend traded her cuts for the frankfurter ") 

Mushroom Swiss Croissan'wich, with Coffee/ Tea ($6.25)

And while the BK Mushroom Swiss burger is both their favourite, the mushrooms recipe seems too wet for the breakfast Croissan'wich. They didn't like it. Sometimes, the best of 2 doesn't come together.

Burgers are for the rush hours; this weekend, go for the platters!

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