Thursday, September 12, 2013

High Tea Buffet at Marriott Cafe

These crushed ice-submerged bottles certainly made us thirst as it greeted us at the entrance of Marriott Cafe, a dining establishment of 5 stars Singapore Marriott Hotel. That explains our 5 stars pricing for the weekday High Tea buffet at $37++.

The alcohols are excluded from the buffet menu; only free flow of good coffee and tea ")

From their Seafood market, it's just local white prawns that were served; sweet but pretty 'stiffen' meat, i couldn't get past my second. The dipping sauces helped.

Cold Station gave a superb selection of salads and dressings, Singapore Rojak, assorted Sushi and Smoked Salmon.

Sandwiches too! Being a bread lover, i was staring at the Tuna sandwich, the Norwegian smoked salmon, the curried egg Watercess and the Ham & Cheese sandwiches. But nobody eats bread from buffets right!? I took just one - the unique egg Watercess sandwich.

Don miss their Spinach Quiche, hot from the oven and the Poh Piah wrapped with soft, chewy Poh Piah skin! Everyone loves them.

The chicken satay station was the hot favourite which ran out of sticks often - even our most health conscious people couldn't stop themselves; re-filling their plates. The nearby chicken curry with freshly made roti prata had me apportioning my appetite to the filling meal, twice on my rounds.

Some 4 types of Dim Sum made it to the list of the High Tea. Staple food in the likes of Nasi Briyani with Sayur Lodeh, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Teochew Porridge with condiments, Yong Tau Fu noodles, Mee Siam, Laksa and Prawn Noodle Soup. I only had the steamed Chicken Rice, and thought it was quite good.

(Clockwise) Chocolate Eclairs, Tiramisu, Pecan Pie, Puff, Trio Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet.

Desserts should be the highlights of High Tea, agree? Well, then Marriott made it, after we deemed the offering of local fare as Mains, all too familiar and boring. But it will be a good take for foreign tourists and friends, surely.

Blueberry Crumble and Frangipane

The dessert section encompasses almost the entire range of 'what you could think of and not think of'! It was pretty substantial - English sweets, French pastry, Asian desserts. It feels like Christmas!

We should have started with the desserts earlier... next time.

Ice Kachang with condiments and Assorted Nyonya Kueh


Fresh Fruits

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Kuing hangh said...

yummy! I love to have high tea in dinner, especially while in Singapore.