Friday, September 13, 2013

42km Night Bike!

God knows how i made that trip back.

It was a challenge i made to myself, probably like a symbolic rite of passage of maturity - to complete the planned route of 42km, to and fro, the Big Splash and Changi Village Hawker Centre where we'll have our dinner.

The strong night winds, darken paths, the silent night, riding on a consistent terrain - it was all vividly memorable. All by myself. With a bum that hurts for 3 days after.

God knows how i made that return trip. Every paddle is earned, and I just knew I had to keep going... To complete the course is satisfyingly priceless, especially when it was one that i dropped from some 17 years ago.

The tiring uphill and smooth ride down reminds me of life's ups and down - a struggling uphill will surely led to a swift downhill! I am running the race, and trying to keep the faith.

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