Sunday, September 22, 2013

Legoland Malaysia!

Being the very first to object the organizing of this trip in the hot sun; i never thought i could be enjoying the day - spinning rides and breaking screams, with the rest of the visitors at Legoland Malaysia probably unscrewed those tighten knots within...

It was worth the trip. Let yourself go, in the spins and yelling! Arrrrrrrrhh...!!!

View of Legoland from the rotating Observation Tower

Legoland Express (round trip about Mini Land)

While the Legoland Water Parks and Legoland Castle Hotel are still undergoing construction, Legoland Malaysia that opens to the public is a carnivalesque with carefully manicured landscape of greens and floral.

There is also the playing of merrymaking music all around the theme-park. I am impressed.

Project X Ride

AquaZone Wave Racers

The Dragon Ride!

Dino Island Splash!

Rode twice on the Project X; but what really caught on was the whirling on rip-roaring Dragon and the wet splashes on Dino Island!! We saved ourselves from being soaked through by covering with my wind-breaker jacket, but the pants still got partial poured on.

To really enjoy the experience, come prepared with towels and extra clothing for repeats of the splashing ride!

Dragon Bag Charms from LEGO shop (RM$36, S$14.10)

Then, before leaving, you may like to get a Lego bricks souvenir from this biggest LEGO shop in Asia. I like this Dragon bag charm ")

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