Sunday, September 22, 2013

Botak Coconut !

Many love watching these men at work, where they stationed at a corner kiosk outside the Jusco Supermarket of Aeron Tebrau City Shopping Mall.

We never failed to be amazed by how these skilled masters managed to pop the coconut out of its thick strong husks!

Botak Coconut (RM$4.30, S$1.68)

Out it popped, into the plastic containers! Consumers then get to enjoy piercing open the ball of coconut, letting out a flow of pure fruit juice! It's such delicious entertainment.

Each time, there'll be a long queue and we were always in too much of a rush for it. Today, Ric joined the queue and was reaching when I withdrew from it as i was feeling too bloated after our late lunch for even a fruit of coconut. Next time, there will always be a next time..

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