Saturday, September 14, 2013

新食界, China Fare at New World Cafe

Pork Rib La Mian, hand-pulled noodles ($4)

At the North Spine of NTU opens an air-conditioned Kopitiam, named "The New World" that operates on cashless purchase like the Marche's restaurant - you are given a card to present to each hawker and only billed at the exit when you give the card back to the cashier.

We had our fill of flour; not in a bad way, but because of the large servings, we felt really bloated. Here is some good hand-pulled noodles, as well-textured as you are seeing on the photo above and a good standard of home cooking.

Don't tell me Carbohydrates are fattening. Come, have your fill here!

Seafood and Pork Dumplings, 11 pcs ($4)

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Beary said...

This place has since closed.