Friday, August 28, 2009

Swensens with Mom

I applauded Swensen's ability to maintain food and service standard in every of their numerous branches! 1st time at their IMM outlet today, and things had been going fine too :)

Deciding on their Fish & Chips for Mom. And other than the Beef Lasagna i had with Ric previously, we are having the Seafood Lasagna today.

Seafood Lasagna ($13.90++)

Regular Shrimps and Crabsticks between the layers of Pasta, accompanied with generous splashes of creamy Spinach sauce and golden fried Potato sticks.

Mom enjoys her first Lasagna.

Fish & Chips ($13.90++)

Golden-fried fillet of Fish and U.S. Fries served hot from the fryer, chilled refreshing Coleslaw as side.

Congratulations, Swensens!
You have delivered!
And we're going to miss your 1-for-1 Mains promotion when it's gone.

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