Sunday, August 2, 2009

Batam - Honey Cake (Bika Ambon)

The Honey Cake was highly recommended for purchase when you go to the Indonesian islands. We purchased ours from the Dry Food Stuffs Shop the Batam Tour Guide brought us to.

Honey Cake (S$12 for 500 grams)

Oh! What oiliness that bathed the plastic packaging!
But after reheating by steaming, the greasiness all gone. An absolutely perfect piece of dessert!

Soft and spongy bite, it draws similarity to Hong Kong Steamed Sponge Cake ( 馬拉糕) or our local White Sugar Sponge Cake. But this is certainly much more flavorful.

You would love it as much as we did. Must try.


Stargirl said...

i just had this yesterday too! liked it too (: the diana layer cake too!

Beary said...

I missed both cakes :( sob sob... Glad you like it too ;)

Anonymous said...

its honey comb cake :D
or bika ambon (in bahasa)